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Mario’s Story

La storia di Mario

Mario’s Story:

uncle-marioMario’s story begins with our uncle, Mario, a humble Italian man who understood the great gift that he was born into — Italy has mountains, a sea, bordering countries — so he developed a passion for cooking at an early age.  It is no small wonder that Italian cuisine is one of most popular in the world — it has got such regional diversity and a variety of other influences that have led to the creation of many great meals and world renown chefs.

The majority of Italian dishes essentially have four to eight ingredients. Simplicity is key to so many of Uncle Mario’s mouth-watering recipes. Quality, fresh ingredients “that bring the family together,” I can hear him saying. Of course it’s easy to say when you live in a country or a region of a country that has everything from the best cheese, meats, produce, pasta, herbs, wine… and so on.

One of Uncle Mario’s famous family recipes is his Italian Meatballs.

Everyone we know will tell you that Uncle Mario’s meatballs are the best tasting Italian meatballs this side of mamma’s kitchen. Friends and family would use any excuse to visit Uncle Mario at around supper time — because they knew he’d be making meatballs!

Over the years, uncle Mario’s story has been growing in popularity among our circle of friends and growing family grew and a couple of the cousins wanted to help out around the kitchen. That sparked an idea: more people really need to enjoy Uncle Mario’s meatballs!

“When it comes to Italian comfort food, there is nothing better than spaghetti and meatballs — if the meatballs are done right.
A kid’s favorite, everybody loves meatballs!” – Uncle Mario

Mario’s Story: Our Mission

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy Mario’s great tasting meatballs at home.

We think you’ll appreciate Mario’s signature blend of quality ingredients that goes into the meatball mix… but you have to try each deliciously different flavor to determine your personal favorite! Choosing what ground meat to buy (beef, pork, turkey, or veal) or figuring out how to mix, roll and  cook your meatballs has never been more satisfying or easy.

Mario’s Meatball Mix: Available in 3 Flavors


Classic Italian | Hot and Spicy | Tuscan Grill

All natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavor.
Look for more flavors as we make them available.
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