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Meatball University: Science & Art

Making a great meatball involves science and art. Making the perfect meatball, however, is about the correct marriage of flavors coupled with the right texture.

The ideal texture should be a soft but not mushy interior that holds up well and does not fall apart. You don’t want a hard meatball either; ideally it should be tender enough to cut with just a fork.

The secret is in the binder.

Unlike pre-made or frozen meatballs, there are no soy meat substitutes, artificial flavors, preservatives or chemical ingredients that require a science degree to understand prior to cooking with Mario’s Meatball Mix.

Our binder is made only with specially made fresh bread that has been dried, not old loafs of bread that are turned into bread crumbs (stales) which are then re-packaged and sold as bread crumbs or seasoned bread crumbs.

In most cases, multiple varieties of bread (rye, sourdough, French, white, sesame, whole wheat, or whatever is leftover) go into retail bread crumb packages found in bakeries and grocery stores.

We don’t use any of those commercially available products. Mario’s Meatball Mix use only single purpose, fresh bread crumbs without preservatives or conditioners. You can taste the difference in freshness and quality.

Bread crumbs are just one of a dozen ingredients that go into Mario’s Meatball Mix. We also use a specially manufactured rice crumb. Rice crumbs add and maintain moisture to the finished product. In addition, to our natural vegetable ingredients, flavors and spices are purchased from suppliers that meet all North American certifications for the highest quality standards.