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Mixing and Rolling Meatballs

Mixing and Rolling Meatballs

Mixing and rolling meatballs is an acquired skill. Fortunately, it is one that is easily obtained. One of the great advantages to Mario’s Meatball Mix is the speed upon which you can produce a finished meatball.

Normally you would have to source all the various ingredients, chop, grate, soak and measure the correct amount of each to add to your ground meat. We’ve done that all for you except the mixing and rolling part.

Your first step is quick and easy: determining how much ground meat to use for your meatballs.  You’ll need to figure out how much of the Mario’s Meatball Mix to combine with your ground meat, so we’ve formulated the mixture so it works like this: one part Mario’s Meatball Mix and two parts ground meat. The mixture is always one to two parts so you can increase or decrease the amount of meatballs you might want to make by cutting the formula in half or doubling or tripling the recipe. Just remember to keep the one to two parts ratio.

Once you’ve added a small amount of cold water to the dry meatball mix, add the ground meat and mix thoroughly.

There are many other meatball recipes that ask you not to over-mix for fear of a tough meatball. You do not have to worry about over mixing with Mario’s Meatball Mix. In fact, we want you to ensure the ground meat is fully incorporated with the meatball mix. You can use your hands to do this, or if you prefer a smoother texture of meatball you can use a mixer with a paddle attachment. Do not use a food processor with a blade as this will emulsify the mixture.

Now you can start rolling your meatballs…

Once you have mixed the ingredients, be sure to begin the process of rolling your meatballs immediately. If you do not intend to roll your meatballs immediately, refrigerate the mixture. It is important to keep the mixture cold.

When you are ready to start rolling, take a small amount of the ground meat mixture and begin forming into golf ball sized meatballs. This takes a little practice but before you’re finished your first batch, you’ll be a pro at determining how much meat you need to form the perfect sized meatball. If you need help with measurement, use a small ice cream scoop or level a large spoon to help with making your meatballs equal in size. You can make your meatballs any size you like. Mini, Medium or Large.

Remember the larger the meatball, the longer it will take to cook through. 1 1/2 inch meatballs are the most common size. If you intend to make cocktail meatballs where you are serving to a group or party and toothpicks are the utensil of choice, then 3/4 of an inch or less are perfect for one or two bites.